Smart net metering for promotion and cost-efficient
grid integration of PV technology in Cyprus

Project Activities

The Project’s Activities are as follows:
  • Design and preparation of the pilot demonstration systems.
  • Development and validation of a dynamic tariff model, based on metering and policy studies, for optimal PV connection to the grid in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings in Cyprus.
  • Pilot smart net metering implementation in 300 demonstration sites in Cyprus where the concept of net metering for cost-efficient PV grid integration will be tested. 3000 smart users will be involved for studying advanced metering impact on energy efficiency habits. Data monitoring of baseline, intermediate and smart net metering profiles will take place.
  • Analysis of pilot data and comparison with the baseline scenario data will enable model validation and optimization.
  • Monitoring of the environmental impact with a focus on CO2 emissions reduction by the increase in PV share and prosumer energy-saving practices compared to the baseline situation.
  • Monitoring of the socio-economic impact using specific indicators impacting local economy and society.
  • Communication and dissemination activities of the project and its findings to the public and key stakeholders responsible for implementation, re-structuring and introduction of new energy/environment policies in Cyprus.
  • Financial, technical, administrative management including effective reporting of project progress, quality assurance, and project meeting organization.
  • Networking activities with other initiatives in order to ensure a transfer of know-how and lessons learned fostering project replication in similar contexts.
  • Preparation of an After-LIFE Communication plan targeting sustainability of project findings and public awareness.