Smart net metering for promotion and cost-efficient
grid integration of PV technology in Cyprus

Description and expected results


SmartPV will investigate pilot net metering schemes for cost-effective PV implementation and higher grid penetration in Cyprus of distributed generation with the target of achieving a WIN WIN scenario for both consumers and energy utilities.

Expected results
  1. A metering tool validated and optimized using the data from the pilot sites. The tool will be made available to authorities/utilities in Cyprus and EU for optimizing grid operation methods.
  2. 300 pilot net-metering installations with remote data access, which will provide long-term data for monitoring consumption, production, and environmental conditions, as well as serve as focal points for promotional campaigns, and at the same time demonstrate RES benefits.
  3. Estimated reduction of about 1kg of CO2 per KWh of produced energy from the pilot sites compared to traditional diesel generators used in the Cypriot grid.
  4. Set of guidelines on optimal net metering policies in Cyprus to be distributed to public authorities, utilities, policy makers.
  5. At least 5000 stakeholders informed on PV and net metering benefits through dissemination.
  6. At least 3300 “smart” energy-conscious consumers indicating energy efficiency improvements
  7. Training of 300 consumers on net metering, energy saving practices, energy management.
  8. Boost in regional PV competitiveness reflected in indicative consumer numbers interested in adopting PV technology.
  9. A transnational collaborative network involving actors in the energy sector established with the aim of long-term information exchange on the performance of strategies to increase the share of PV electricity &on the use of AMI and system automation for efficient use of energy in buildings.
  10. A transfer of know-how & best practices between beneficiaries, target groups, key players, helping to strengthen cooperation networks targeting wide PV use.
  11. An optimum roll out of smart meters combined with green energy will be enabled.