Smart net metering for promotion and cost-efficient
grid integration of PV technology in Cyprus


The Project “Smart net metering for promotion and cost-efficient grid-integration of PV technology in Cyprus” with the Acronym SmartPV, is co-financed by the EU through the LIFE+ Programme. This Project is in line with the general and specific objectives of LIFE+ Environment, Policy, and Governance particularly as regards to contribution in implementation, updating and developing environmental policy.

SmartPV Project will thoroughly investigate pilot net metering schemes for cost-effective PV implementation and higher grid penetration in Cyprus of distributed generation with the target of achieving a WIN-WIN scenario for both consumers and energy utilities.

Essentially, the project will put to the test, evaluate and disseminate a simple and timely concept (net metering) which should be more widely applied in Europe under appropriate, customized circumstances.

The project will aim to highlight and understand the impact of smart net metering implementation on consumer billing options, consumption sensitivities, consumer energy-related behaviours, and cost and benefit implications for network owners and operators (financial impact).

For this purpose, energy consumption and production profiles of about 300 consumers-producers (prosumers) and 3000 “smart” consumers in Cyprus will be examined. The latter category will involve consumers without PV systems installed who will accept smart metering to take place in their households for investigating any behavioural changes in energy consumption caused by the presence of the informative and interactive smart meter.


The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • To develop and validate a cost optimum scheme for higher RES penetration in the energy mix of Cyprus.
  • To give market-driven incentives to consumers who become local producers (prosumers) thus alleviating any “need” for costly Feed-in-tariff (FIT) schemes to be in place.
  • To facilitate implementation and have a real contribution to environment policies adopted in Cyprus as set by the EU.
  • To use the gained knowledge on optimization of net metering in Cyprus for the development of metering schemes & policies in other EU countries.

SmartPV will run from 1 July 2013 to 1 March 2017. It has a total budget of EUR 1.219.838 and has been approved for co-financing by the LIFE+ programme for EUR 568.474.